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At Olly & Molly, we have taken great care in developing nutritional supplements dedicated to your most loyal four-legged friend. Keeping your best friend in optimal shape is our mission!

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Chill Out

Soothing in case of anxiety and stress

€ 24.95

Magic Detox

Cleansing cure

€ 39.95

Party Paws

Flexible joints

€ 24.95


Healthy skin and coat

€ 24.95

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Today is “Earth day”

Every year on April 22, the "earth" is placed in the spotlight for a day. But here at Olly & Molly, it's always Earth Day given that the connection with nature is truly embedded in our DNA.

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Autumn and winter safety tips for dogs and their owners

As temperatures drop and days become shorter, it's important to prepare for the autumn and winter seasons, both for yourself and your faithful four-legged companion. Discover essential tips in this article to comfortably and safely enjoy the cold weather together.

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Dental hygiene in dogs

Just like people are puppies born without teeth. First they get baby teeth before the rest of the teeth follow. A good dental hygiene is very important. Here you can find some useful advice.

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