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To keep your best buddy in optimal shape, we have developed a range of high-quality nutritional supplements. This was done with the greatest care and out of our strong love for pets.

Magic Detox

Cleansing cure

€ 39.95

Chill Out

Soothing in case of anxiety and stress

€ 24.95

Is your dog suffering from car sickness?

Support for travel sickness

Shop Olly & Molly's Travel Buddy now, a natural supplement containing herbs and plants to make travelling more comfortable.

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Why Detoxification Might Matter for Your Dog's Health

Pamper your furry companion with the ultimate gift of well-being - a detox! Just like us, dogs are exposed to countless environmental pollutants. In this article, we explore why detoxing can be essential for the vitality and joy of life of your faithful friend.

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It makes no sense to increase the dosage to make up for forgotten tablets. Just continue to give the tablets as stated in the instructions for use.

If your dog needs several supplements, you can give them simultaneously. However, it is important to spread the full dosage throughout the day.

Although most feeds today are very well balanced, some dogs may still need an extra boost due to their age, breed or medical condition. Olly & Molly supplements can address deficiencies and help improve health.