Our story

Natural support

Olly & Molly is a new chapter in a story we started 25 years ago. With Herbavita, we have been developing nutritional supplements for cattle, pigs and poultry for years, always with a focus on natural support. By supporting the resistance and resilience of animals, they feel stronger, healthier and are less prone to diseases.

Support for companion animals

Olly & Molly's product range was created from a fusion of Herbavita's years of experience and vision with the love and passion we cherish for our adorable pets and horses. Pets also deserve our utmost care and protection. In recent years, we have worked hard and performed the necessary research to develop top-quality supplements that we can now offer with our Olly & Molly supplement range.


Olly & Molly supplements are "plant-based", meaning they consist mainly of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are herbs, leaves, flowers, vegetables, fruits and other naturally occurring botanicals. Plants and their extracts can promote animal health. With the "plant-based" supplements in Olly & Molly's range, we can support your companion animal in a healthy and natural way.

In-house R&D and manufacturing

We understand that it is very important for owners to be sure of the origin and quality of supplements before administering them to their pets and horses. That is why the entire Olly & Molly product range is produced in our own modern production site in Kluisbergen, East Flanders.

During the production process, the quality of our feed supplements is checked regularly. Our state-of-the-art and high-tech machines guarantee precise mixing, processing, and dosing of ingredients. This enables us to supply our customers with reliable and efficient nutritional supplements.

Our dietary supplements are not launched until they meet all legal requirements and conditions. The research & development department carries out the necessary checks and our products are always subjected to various stages of testing.